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Leica 100

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Historical Leica photos recreated  to celebrate the Leica 100 year centennial and the opening of the Leica Gallery in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Not every famous photograph was taken with a Leica. But they were all taken thanks to Leica.

Client: Leica Gallery São Paulo
Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Spot: “100”
Product: Leica Institucional
Executive Creative Director: Fabio Fernandes | Eduardo Lima
Head of Art: João Linneu
Creatives: Bruno Oppido | Romero Cavalcanti | Thiago Carvalho | João Linneu

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags, by The.

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Anti theft lunch bags, designed by The.


Bag with Sandwich

Zipper bags made of food-safe reusable and recyclable LDPE, they cost 8 dollars. Designed by Sherwood Forlee and Mihoko Ouchi ( .The) to keep sticky-fingered coworker or schoolyard bully away from your lunch.

The last days of seinfield

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The last days of Seinfeld

Image by David Hume Kennerly / Getty Images

A wonderful gallery of the last days of the show

The perfect crime

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“Sometimes, marketing enables a pickpocket to steal a wallet–and be thanked for it.

Marketers are responsible for what we do, it’s not an activity without effects.

Last year, just one of the big fast food companies made more than $1,300,000,000 in profit (billion with a ‘b’). They’ve also paid their CEO nearly $200 million in salary in the last five years. Sometimes, a big profit is the sign that you’re doing something right, creating real value for people able to pay. Sometimes, though, it means you’re exploiting a weakness in the system.”


Read the whole article, in Seth Godin’s blog. Very worth reading.

Flickr: Biggr. Spectaculr. Wherevr.

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El primer anuncio de Flickr en TV. Lovely.

Bonus: My not so interesting Flickr account

DEREZZED, by Daft Punk

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Aprovechando que acaban de comenzar nuevo tour…

DAFT PUNK – DEREZZED (From the Tron Legacy Soundtrack) from Warren Fu on Vimeo.

Visual Happyness

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By Los Patos

Go forth, Levi’s

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Levi’s America,  Go Forth commercial.
Directed by Cary Fukunaga
Agency:  Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Poem by Walt Whitman.


Hermès + Tokujin Yoshioka

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©Satoshi Asakawa / Courtesy of Hermès Japon

Nuevos anuncios de Google Chrome

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via: Gizmodo
Aqui el Making of