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We live in public

WireImage/Getty Images

“‘We Live in Public’ follows the rise and fall of Mr. Harris, who made $80 million when his Internet-research company, Jupiter Communications, went public in the early 1990s. He used his dot-com millions to fund experimental art projects — surveillance-themed works that seemed to anticipate today’s over-sharing Internet culture of blogs, Twitter and social-networking sites. Mr. Harris installed 32 cameras in the loft he shared with his girlfriend. 

When his girlfriend got fed up and left, and when the Internet bubble burst and Mr. Harris lost millions, his financial and emotional disintegration was broadcast live to viewers who visited his Web site. Ms. Timoner weaves in raw footage, including a scene where Mr. Harris and his girlfriend fight, then rush to their computers to read site visitors’ comments about their spat.”

10 años y mas de 5000 horas de metraje concentrados en el documental de 90 minutos “We live in public“, acerca de Josh Harris. El proyecto de Ondi Timoner, ganador de la categoría documental del festival de Sundance, se proyecta este domingo en el MOMA como final del 38 festival de Nuevos Directores. Si les cae cerca, no se lo pierdan.

Via: ‘The Truman show for everyone’, WSJ article by Alexandra Alter