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Muji Award 2018 04 edition

Muji Award 2018 gold prize winner: the Storage Book, created by Ip Chi Chuen (HONG KONG)

According to the designer, “Sorting things” is a part of our lives, but you may often have trouble finding a place to store things after sorting them. As a solution to this problem, I made a storage case shaped like a book to make it easier to decide where to place. This MUJI PP case is designed to have the same shape and size as a normal book and the spine on which an identification sticker can be attached. It is an idea where a book on a bookshelf has an ability to store things.”

Book storage, muji awards 04, side view
Book storage, muji awards 2018, use case picture

Book storage, muji awards 04 winner. By Ip Chi

By Ip Chi Chuen, Hong Kong

I love it because I have been storing things in books since I was a kid. Although I find it more interesting the Door-in-Door project (Bronze award), from Chinese duo Lu Jiajheng & Cheng Yatin. But who am I to judge? šŸ˜‰

Here you have the list of nominees and winners of Muji Awards 2018.