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LEGO (CEO) Table

ceo (lego) table | La mesa de los suecos staffan Holm y Johannes Tjernberg expuesta en la feria del mueble de Stockholm

‘CEO is desk for a powerful person that reflects on a glimpse of the lost childhood, when life was easier and freer. We created the desk bound by the structural laws of LEGO-building bricks, combined this with the grace of the late Rococo furniture style and painted it glossy black to evoke feelings of exclusivity and power. We want to invite the director to a journey back to a time when life was filled with playfulness, more fun and when he or she was better at showing their feelings. CEO is made up of massive beech, MDF and painted with black enamel paint.

Eso es lo que dicen los suecos Staffan Holm y Johannes Tjernberg acerca de su mesa CEO, expuesta este año en la Feria del Mueble de Stockholm. A ustedes no se, a mi me encanta.