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Pleix and Bacardi: Blend and Assimilate

Pleix last ad for Baccardi, with moving-pictures computer generated fluid simulation, Blend and Assimilate

French directing collective, Pleix have directed ‘Blend and Assimilate’ the latest Bacardi ad for Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R. The production company was Blink with computer generated fluid simulation created by MPC.
The striking campaign features a male and female dancer, their bodies formed completely from fluid. As the ad progresses, the ‘fluid bodies’ dance closer together in slow motion. Once they are intertwined, they are enveloped by a liquid whirlwind which sweeps the couple up, replacing them with a glass filled with the renowned alcoholic drink. MPC’s main focus for the ad was to work on developing the overall look. It was important to find a technique to get the fluid bodies to appear liquid and abstract yet recognisable as people’ (…)
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Client: Bacardi
Director: Pleix
Advertising Agency: RKCR/Y&R
Agency Producer: Jason Ayres
Creatives: Steve Moss, Joylon Finch
Production Company: Blink Production
Company Producer: Bart Yates, Annie Hart
Post Production Co: MPC Post Production
Producer: Vittorio Giannini Line
Producer: Paula Da Costa
VFX Supervisors: Nico Cotta, Robin Carlisle
VFX team: Christophe Allender, Giuliano Cavalli,
Gaelle Delcourt, Michael Gregory, Gem Grimshaw,
Robert Hesketh, Franck Lambertz, Mark Robinson,
Claire Pakeman, Andrew ‘Ziggy’ Zigouras.